Cowshed Cardiff

Sharing, teaching, inspiring

Award-winning PR company Cowshed Communications hired me to hold a seminar about social media. I spoke about creating viral content for the web and gave new ideas that they could use in their social media strategy.

As a former teacher, I understand what it takes to engage with your team, and can help each one of them improve their social media skills.

‘Lots of great useful information on what makes good content that can be implemented in current and future campaigns.’
Vicki Spencer, Managing Director

WalesOnCraic, the Guardian and Huffington Post

It’s no understatement to say that my blogging has been literally read by millions all over the globe.

From objective news items (Living Magazines) through to comedy (WalesOnCraic) and major publishing platforms (Huffington Post, the Guardian), blogging is perhaps the bread and butter of my work.

Shortlisted for a UK Blog Award, I have also picked up Blogger of the Year Award and also Freelancer of the Year at the Cardiff Regional Awards, as well as Best Website AND Best Editorial at the UK Magazine Publishing Awards.

I can provide blog posts for your website on a wide range of topics. Drop me a line and let’s chat.

Promotional material for Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Foods were looking to produce a series of postcards that they could deliver to existing customers along with their deliveries of food.

They got in touch with me as I’d previously designed both adverts and advertorials for Living Magazines Cardiff.

The brief included designing five postcards (front and back) that informed their customers to the other ranges of meals that they delivered. The postcards were also aimed at securing more long-term bookings from the customers, and to increase loyalty.

‘Patric you da man’
Craig Kennedy, Wiltshire Farm Foods

Living Magazines Cardiff

Living Magazines Cardiff have become much-loved publications in North Cardiff. And I’m very proud to say that they are my babies.

These aren’t franchised magazines either. This is a completely home-grown, kitchen table, do-it-ourselves business. Launched in 2007, straight into a recession, and without any financial backing, our magazines have gone on to pick up glittering awards along the way. But more importantly, they have become an important vehicle for local businesses to get their names into the hands of residents. We have promoted over 1,500 businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes over the years. Who said that print was dead?