How to get more relevant Twitter followers

I got into Twitter quite late, making most of my large audiences on Facebook over the years. But now I’m harnessing the power of Twitter for my small businesses.

Facebook has made it harder to gain traction and to reach an audience in recent times. As a result, I’ve turned to Twitter to reach my audience, and to build new ones. I’ve kicked myself that I missed out on so much while I focused on Facebook.

Twitter is great for reaching a new audience and for building a relevant audience, because unlike Facebook, you can instigate and build connections and relationships instead of posting and hoping that your audience finds you, which is what happens on Facebook. Twitter is a lot more proactive. You can find your audience with pinpoint accuracy.

When I first started out on Twitter, I used some of the apps that allowed you to follow and unfollow in bulk in order to get more followers. The problem with this, and with some of the apps that are still out there, is that it’s all about the numbers and not about the quality of your audience. And there is a big difference.

In my naivety, I paid money for these apps to build a big Twitter following and it worked. Or so I thought. When I started looking at my new followers, a lot of them were fake accounts, or accounts that had posted one tweet in the last few months.

In the last two years, I’ve started working on cleaning up my Twitter accounts, flushing out all the accounts I don’t need in my audience. For my magazine business, for example, I’ve spent months unfollowing people the fake and redundant accounts and instead, following real accounts of people based in my geographical area.

Here’s one of my Twitter accounts that now has a real and relevant audience

There are two good reasons for this. First, Twitter imposes limits on the number of people you follow. They never announce these limits but a good rule of thumb is not to go following more accounts than you have following you. This can be a hard balance to get right but it can be done. As a result, I now have a more real and relevant audience, which helps with my branding as well as picking up sales.

Secondly, engaging with real accounts in your chosen field will bear more fruit than overloading your Twitter account with fake and redundant accounts. Bear in mind that Twitter is in the public domain and if any of your clients were to look at your followers and see that it’s padded out with ‘eggheads’ (Twitter profiles with no profile picture) and bots, they’re not going to be too impressed and it may erode the trust that they put in you.

So how do you get more Twitter followers?

It’s not so much about getting as many followers as you can. Instead, decide what niche you are wanting to target and focus on working that instead.

There’s no point following anyone and everyone (remember that Twitter imposes limits on how many people you follow). So instead, focus on finding accounts that are related to your niche. Tweepi is a free and useful tool that allows you to seek out the kind of accounts you want. You’re best using it on a desktop or laptop as it doesn’t work too well on your mobile device.

Firstly, unfollow any dead accounts or people who haven’t tweeted in a long while. Aim to bring down the number of people you follow to be more in line with the number of people who follow you.

Then aim to follow accounts that are linked to your niche. Use Twitter/Tweetdeck’s search facility to find like-minded tweeps. This is where the hashtag comes in useful. Only follow accounts that have been active in the last few days or so. Follow them, engage with them, but don’t go trying to sell them anything on the first interaction. You’re looking to build meaningful relationships and they take time.

Do this on a regular basis, whether it’s once a day or once a week, and your numbers will start moving in the right direction. As well as following, make sure that you unfollow those accounts that are of no use to you as you go along. It’s almost as if your Twitter account is a tree that needs nourishing and pruning.

So in addition to following/unfollowing (in moderation), engage with those accounts that you think are of benefit to you. Bear in mind that these are real people so be respectful of them and their work at all times. As you build your audience, retweet tweets that you think will be of use to your audience. And over time, you will become an authority in your chosen field and become a Twitter pro with a loyal following.

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