Hello! How are you?

I won’t drone on too much about me, after all, this site is about helping you.

To give you some background though – I qualified from the University of Wales with a degree in Communication Studies, looking at personal interactions between people on micro level, as well as the influence of the media on a wider scale.

As far as employment goes, I was an English teacher for several years but I’ve also had my fair share of call centre and sales jobs. I was even an AA salesman at one point (and a very good one at that!).

Since 2005, I’ve been freelance, firstly providing editorial and business copy for WM magazine in Cardiff. Commissions soon came my way from RedHanded magazine before I set up my own portfolio of magazines in 2007. Twelve years later and they are still my ‘day’ job but I’ve also had plenty of additional design and copywriting work to keep me busy.

This website covers only a small part of what I’ve accomplished over the years but it’s also a chance for us to work together and to help your business grow and thrive.