Writing a novel? 5 ways that a blog can help you get published

Writing a novel can be a tough but rewarding experience.

These days, the world of self-publishing has meant that writers can both write, publish and sell their novels all over the world.

Whatever point you are at in writing your novel, a blog can help. Here’s how:

  1. A blog, like a journal, can help you through the writing process, even if it’s just for the therapy. Keeping an online diary of your progress can help your development. You can vent your frustrations and celebrate your achievements. If you have an audience, they can follow the ups and downs too and this will help them feel more connected to your novel, even before it’s published.
  2. Keeping a blog going can help build a ready-made audience ahead of publication. All those who have followed you on your journey will be your ready-made market. And you don’t need a huge audience either.
  3. You can test-run ideas and stories on your audience before you go to print. Can’t decide which way a plotline should go? Ask your audience.
  4. A blog will give you a central point for you to refer people to. People who are unfamiliar with your work can connect with you via your online presence. Your blog can even act a shop window for your books.
  5. A blog can help you build an email list of your fans. This will be crucial when it comes to publishing any of your books because you can keep them informed of your publication date.

You see, if you’re writing a novel, a blog is a great way to connect with your audience and potential audience. A blog can be your hub, the place where you can develop, publish and promote your novel. It’s a place where like-minded people can come together and fall in love with your work.

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