Why pay for blog posts?

Blogging has often been viewed as a gentle pastime for amateurs but for those in the know, blogging is a powerful industry tool that can really set your business apart from the competition.

Building a brand isn’t about getting instant results. In fact, your potential customers are probably not ready to buy your products or services just yet. And that’s fine because branding is a long-term game, where you impress yourself so wonderfully on someone’s psyche that when they are in a position to buy, you’ll be the first company that springs to mind.

Here’s how blog posts can help you and your business:

It drives traffic to your website

Have you ever stumbled across a really interesting and helpful feature online, and then realised that it was featured on a site that may be of use to you?

That’d be the blog writer doing their job well.

Blog posts, especially ones that go viral, can bring in plenty of traffic to your website, where of course, you’ll be able to work your magic on later converting those visitors into guests and clients.

They catch the attention of the search engines and its users

When it comes to search engines, Google rankings aren’t based on entire websites – they’re based on specific pages within a website. So if you’re wanting to catch the attention of both search engines and those searching on them, a blog post is a perfect way to target potential customers with pinpoint accuracy.

Let’s say for instance that you are a psychologist and you work specifically with victims of coercive control. A professional blogger can create a blog post that over time, will pop up near the top of the search engines when a victim of coercive control inputs something that will help them into a search engine.

Blog posts are designed to match your knowledge and expertise with those seeking it, allowing you to build a relationship with them, and possibly working with them in the future.

Build authority and reputation

Trust is perhaps the most important thing that you can build as a business.

To build that trust, you need to be viewed as a respected authority in your area and blogging is a perfect way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise of your field. You know your role better than anyone else so why not share it and start creating meaninful business relationships?

You can recycle excerpts for your ongoing social media

The beauty of a blog post is that you take little snippets from it, drop them into a fancy-looking graphic and you’ve got yourself some ready-made evergreen social media graphics that are designed to attract, engage, and help members of your industry. People will love you! Probably.

How can you help my business?

Knowing where to start a blog post is usually the first stumbling block for businesses. Looking at a blank screen is often the scourge of many who set out to write. It’s something I do every day so that’ll be my problem, not yours.

Together, we can work on a short/medium/long-term strategy to figure out what it is you’re looking to achieve for your business.

We’ll then discuss a range of blog post ideas and settle on the ones that we like best in line with your budget (I offer ongoing monthly packages, or I can provide you with a one-off product, just to let you know).

It’s then down to me to research, craft, and send you a proof of your blog post.

During my work, I’ll take care of some of the boring things that work their magic behind the scenes – Search Engine Optimisation, keywords, structure and engagement.

If you don’t have any images, I should be able to source some copyright-free ones that we can use to illustrate your blog posts.

When you’re 100% happy with the blog post, I can either email you the blog post for you to upload yourself, or for a small extra fee, you can provide me with the login details of your site and I can publish the blog post there myself.