You may have heard of the term ghostwriter when it comes to celebrities writing books. Ghostwriters are the ones that do all of the hard work behind the scenes and leave the celebrity to take all the glory for writing such a great book.

In the marketing world, ghostwriters operate in a similar way. Take a look around you. There will be written content everywhere – in print and on the web. Someone, somewhere, has taken the time to write it, edit it, and publish it – even if it’s a set of instructions for a toaster.

That’s what writers do. They create content. And that’s what I can do for you.

As a ghostwriter, I can provide high-quality written work for your website or printed material, showcasing your brand and increasing engagement with your customers and potential customers. And I don’t even need any praise or thanks for it. You can take all the credit.

My work even extends to social media. A ghost-tweeter (I may have just invented that phrase fyi) is someone who tweets from your Twitter account on your behalf while you are busy doing what you do best. I can also do the same for your other social media accounts because no one will ever know it’s me. Because I’m a ghost, remember?

As a high-functioning introvert, this all suits me down to the ground perfectly. I’ll do all the work behind the scenes to make your brand come alive, whether that’s in print or online.

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