My work isn’t about me – it’s about you

Everything I do, I do it for you (aw, thanks Bryan)

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A fantastic breadth and depth of editorial, business, historical and celebrity. We love the involvement of readers in creating content, and careful handling of contributed editorial.

Judges / UK Independent Publisher Awards | Winner: Best Editorial in a Magazine Winner: Best Website

Patric and Danielle have created a much-loved publication that is adored by its readers and has proven to help small businesses in the area.

Judges / Cardiff Business Awards | Winner: Community Business of the Year

Moving and gripping, urging the reader not just to read more but to wish the family well as they’re welcomed into personal, humourous, and character-rich details of the writer’s life.

Judges / WalesBlog Awards | Winner: Best Writing On A Blog

Patric delivers on his promise. He guides you through how he managed in a short time period to have a million visits on his blog.

Amazon Reviewer / How My Blog Got 1 Million Visitors In 7 Months (Amazon best-seller for 3 years)

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I’m so glad I chose to place my titles through the Indie Book Store. Patric has created a professional-looking format that automates book marketing, taking one more task off my plate.

Molly Cantrell-Kraig / Author, speaker, and life coach (as featured on CNN, BBC, The Christian Science Monitor)
Karen Kibbey

Wow! I’m impressed and very pleased with your services. Thank you for your promotional help. I will definitely tell all my friends who are considering self-publishing to contact you.

Karen Kibbey / Author

This blogger has taken the country by storm. He reaches tens of thousands of people every month, single-handedly taking on the media giants at their own game and creating headlines that have been seen around the world. We just wish he worked for us!

Winner: Blogger of the Year Award

Judges / Regional Awards
JE Clarkson

Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you’re doing. We’ve sold a number of audiobooks recently and I’m sure that it’s down to your efforts.

JE Clarkson / Author

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Michele Grieve

My Twitter experience has been revolutionsised! Over 300 new followers in less than a week!

Michele Grieve / Author

I did your course last week and landed myself four new audiobook deals via Twitter!

Benjamin Fife / Audiobook narrator