Ghost Posting

The Problem

Posting to LinkedIn can be a bit of a ballache.

Everyone else is doing it so well, aren’t they?

How annoying.

But what about you?

You don’t know what to post.

You don’t have the time.

People actually have a LinkedIn strategy?


How on earth are you going to achieve all that when you’re trying to get your day job done?

The Solution

Ah. But there is a way.

You see. I’m a professional ghostwriter.

What that means is that I create all the content for your wonderful LinkedIn profile – in your voice.

I’ll create posts that will stop people scrolling.

I will create content that get people engaged with your profile.

I call it Ghost Posting.

Posting great content to your LinkedIn helps:

✔️ Establish your credentials

✔️ Provide your with clarity in your business aims

✔️ Helps you get speaking engagements

✔️ Increase quality leads

✔️ Allows you to create courses and workshops

✔️ Make deal closing easier

✔️ Provides self-validation and social proof

✔️ Allows you to charge higher fees

✔️ Provides you with a perfect ice-breaker at networking events

Rates start from $1,000 a month for LinkedIn only but I can also ghost post to other social media platforms. 

Jump on a Zoom call with me to find out how I can transform your LinkedIn profile into a vibrant and effective lead magnet.

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