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Robin Horsfall: Boy soldier to SAS

“I’ll have a bowl of porridge please.” It’s early summer. In a small cafe, just [...]

How to write a memoir

Is your life story interesting enough to justify writing your memoirs? Most people think not. [...]

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Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson (2012)

It is perhaps fitting that the Cardiff girl who overcame physical challenges is now leading [...]

Michael Sheen: Prodigal Son (2021)

Actor and activist Michael Sheen speaks to Patric Morgan about his career so far, and [...]

Lulu (2014)

“Oh my GOD!” shrieks Lulu. “I’ve just remembered coming to Cardiff and watching the All [...]

Steve Speirs (2022)

Tucked away in the cosy corner of a Rhiwbina home, is a small office. Its [...]

Stan Stennett (2010)

‘All-round entertainer’ is a term that’s perhaps overused these days. Yet Rhiwbina resident Stan Stennett [...]

Gareth Bale: An Interview (2008)

Speaking from his pad in London, Gareth Bale isn’t feeling too well. “I had some [...]

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